Comboni College School: Powering Innovation through Solar Cooking

Comboni College School, located in Lira district, Uganda, emerged as the shining star of the 2023 Stanbic National Schools Championship (NSC). Their innovative solution not only secured them the prestigious title but also highlighted the potential of young minds to address real-world challenges.

The Winning Idea: Solar Cooking for a Sustainable Future

The Comboni team tackled the issue of environmental degradation caused by traditional cooking methods that rely on charcoal, briquettes, and firewood. Their solution? A solar concentrator, a clean energy alternative cooking stove that harnesses the power of the sun. This innovative device allows for food preparation without harming the environment, promoting a more sustainable future for Ugandan communities.


Awards & Rewards

For their ingenuity, the Comboni College School team received a well-deserved reward package. This included:

  • A fully installed solar system worth UGX20 million, empowering the school with clean and reliable energy.
  • Laptops for the participating students, fostering their continued learning and exploration.
  • UGX1.2 million for the dedicated teacher who guided the team, acknowledging their role in nurturing innovation.

Beyond the Competition

The Comboni College School’s success story exemplifies the core mission of the NSC. The competition provides a platform for students to develop innovative solutions to problems within their communities. By equipping young minds with the necessary skills and resources, the NSC empowers them to become the job creators of tomorrow.

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